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For mobile and tablet apps, or custom desktop software that provides outstanding user experience, strategic, productivity and service benefits, we can deliver it.

For mobile and tablet apps, or custom desktop software that provides outstanding user experience, strategic, productivity and service benefits, we can deliver it.

We design Apps & Custom Software for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

 Our custom software provides strategic, productivity and service benefits ... with an awesome user experience.

We use the latest in user interface design and internet technologies to give your business:

  1. software that provides an outstanding user experience
  2. powerful access to real time information
  3. a significant competitive advantage
  4. streamlined internal communications
  5. lower operational costs
  6. effective management reporting and analysis
Ashdown Ingram mobile app
Ashdown-Ingram mobile store locator application


Have you seen our Focus Booster app?

Focus Booster is a simple and elegant application designed by The Memphis Agency to help you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration.  

It has had over 500,000 downloads globally and consistently mentioned by leading productivity, universities and app design experts as one of the world's best productivity apps.


Focus Booster has been designed based on the principles of the pomodoro technique and features:

  • a sleek and unobtrusive design
  • color changes as time goes by for quick, peripheral updates
  • alarm/buzzer sounds for completed sessions
  • customizeable time and sound settings
  • session counter
  • It's quick to start up and works efficiently in the background without consuming computer resources, or your focus.

Think we are just blowing out hot air about Focus Booster app?  Click here to read what global leading productivity, universities and app design experts are saying about it!


iPhone, iPad + Mobile app development

The ability to connect with your target audiences - wherever they are - is the key to real engagement and service. Get this right and you are well on your way to achieving brand loyalty.

 This is why the ability to interact and engage with target audiences, and provide them with great user experiences, is essential - on all devices. Especially mobile.

Just as important is to have access to data and information to help you run your business - wherever you are. To achieve this you need business software that runs on mobile and hand held devices.

At the The Memphis Agency we are experienced in developing websites and custom applications for iPhones, iPads and mobile devices.Whether it's an extension to your website, a specific application or game, or business operations software, speak to us about how we can fulfill your ambitions for mobile delivery.


Royal Adelaide Show mobile application user interface design


Adobe Flex and Adobe Air software development 

We believe online software should be intuitive, great looking and a easy to use - whilst delivering substantial business benefits.This is why we use Adobe software as our core technology platform – and are proud to be globally recognised as an Adobe Solution Partner.

Want to learn more about our Adobe Flex capabilities? 

Want to learn more about our Adobe Air?


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