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Digital Marketing Strategy

We take a long term digital marketing strategy approach that includes thorough business analysis, plus the setting of KPI's to ensure measurable analysis and a strong focus on results.

We take a long term digital marketing strategy approach that includes thorough business analysis, plus the setting of KPI's to ensure measurable analysis and a strong focus on results.

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Our digital strategy focus

Our digital strategy work looks at;

  1. Understanding your business, your goals and your target customers, and in the process, setting project KPI's.
  2. Designing digital solutions that follow the latest online marketing philosophies to ensure longevity and customer attraction.
  3. Staying at the cutting edge of social media and new marketing techniques to ensure you can reach and openly communicate with your stakeholders.
  4. Using technologies that are best of breed, providing longevity, scalability and are future proof with advances in technology.
  5. Cohesively integrating search engine marketing to ensure maximum audience reach and brand awareness.
  6. Measuring everything, so all future decisions are based on real data and user feedback.
  7. Following a "continual improvement" methodology to ensure maximum benefit from investment is achieved through regular and ongoing cycles of evaluation and solution refinements.

Our digital marketing process

Digital Marketing Strategy Process - The Memphis Agency


Building Brand Loyalty

A key component of all our digital marketing strategies is the pursuit of brand loyalty with your key stakeholders.

In today's age, traditional marketing endeavours are not enough to achieve connection with customers - the old "one way push" of traditional advertising (i.e. TV, radio & print ads) cannot guarantee the messages will either reach or resonate with your target audiences. Hence new methods are required - one's that people will connect with and are also deeply measurable.

Brand awareness - whilst still pivotal - is no longer enough.  Customers now have enormous choice, and them simply being aware of your brand no longer guarantees sales.

Successful companies are communicating their story and brand values in personal and transparent ways, and in doing so are breaking down the barriers between "company" and "customer" and through this are creating deep engagement and understanding with their target audiences.

Today it's not just about having a great service or product.  It's also about;

  • conversation with your customers,
  • understanding their needs, 
  • developing relationships, and
  • providing value through great experiences.

Social media is a perfect avenue for having conversations with and understanding your customers, 
as it allows you to;

  • listen to your customers
  • understand their needs and wants
  • gather feedback from customers
  • communicate directly with your customers
  • build brand loyalty 

Our brand loyalty process

Brand Loyalty Process - The Memphis Agency


Continual Improvement Cycle

A key part of our approach is the undertaking of regular review meetings with our clients to;

  • Discuss and analyse digital marketing objectives and KPI’s.
  • Analyse all digital channel performance and statistics.
  • Measure and refine all specific online campaigns and initiatives.
  • Measurement & analysis of industry based data.
  • Discuss new ideas and make agreed decisions on any refinements and functionality enhancements.
  • Discussion of latest digital marketing trends.

This process forms a “continuous improvement” methodology.
To achieve long-term online marketing objectives, and to get the maximum benefit from your website investment, it is essential that a regular and ongoing cycle of evaluation be made.

Our methodology ensures that all digital marketing tools and campaigns are being fully considered against business objectives, as well as keeping the solution up to date with industry standards and methods.

This model ensures that the optimum ROI can be achieved.

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