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Repco Service

Advanced marketing and business operation focused website development comprising internet, intranet/extranet, fleet client management and business development applications.

Service Centre Locator

The key business focus of the Repco Service consumer website is for website users to be able to easily find the location of Repco's 350 dealer locations across Australia. 

Hence the location of the service centre locator search widget is the prominent feature of the website homepage, as well being accessible from every page on the website.

Dynamically integrated with Google Maps, the search widget maps the location of each dealership and links directly to a detailed dealershop webpage containing key details.

Book a Service Online

We understand people are busy.  Often the only time you get to attend to errands and booking needs is after hours once the retailers or service agents you need to contact are shut.

Our solution? To streamline the customer's time, the Repco Service website allows people to book a car service with the mechanic of their choice directly through the website.  
It is quick, simple, effective and uses the online asset to drive revenue and provide a great user experience.

Special Offers

Closely aligned to both finding the nearest Repco Service centres and booking a service, the strong promotion of car service specials is another key functional asset on the website.

The benefit:  Not only can Repco Service easily inform their customers of the latest nationwide specials, but users can also filter for car service specials directly related to their car make and model - delivering a beneficial, targeted user experience.

Video Channel

The Video Channel is an advanced “TV” based channel that provides excellent categorisation, filtering and presentation of videos.

Advanced application storage (using Amazon CloudFront integration), plus the filtering and displaying of videos allows for huge growth in the number of videos housed within system.

Its integration allows the website to become a TV base channel for video presentation on multiple content categories, providing both entertainment and training/education resource opportunities for organisations.

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