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Lancer Beer USA + Hoshizaki Lancer

B2B focused digital strategy, tag-line development, global websites
& social media for the world's leading commercial ice machines,
food service refrigeration units & beverage systems


Detailed Product Information

We developed the Lancer Beer USA and Hoshizaki Lancer websites to have a "custom product type" within the FarCry CMS.

So what's the benefit?  Well it means we setup the back-end of the website to have an advanced database for product information, which makes it very easy for the client to enter and re-use product information across the website, plus making it very easy to display product information to the user.

Information Pack

The PDF Information pack allows the website viewer to create their own customised PDF brochure of website content.

So what's the benefit? High resolution, fully branded, up-to-date information and total customisation through the user being able to collate information that's pertinent to their needs - now that's a great user experience!

Oh and did mention how much you'll save in printing brochures?

Dealer / Service Agent Locator

Interactive Dealer / Service Agent Locator tool that updates data in real time.

So what's the benefit?  For the user, finding a local service agent has never been quicker or easier through the filtering options, and who doesn't love a little bit of interactivity?

For our client, all the data is easily managed within the FarCry CMS.

Brand Positioning Statements

A key component of the comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy we developed for Lancer Beer USA and Hoshizaki Lancer was the development of Brand Positioning Statements for all their major product categories.

The benefits?  Clear communication of brand values and key points of difference, assisting with targeting of key stakeholders in the market place.


The benefits?  Well there are many...

The FarCry CMS Blog is integrated directly into the website, providing a single site for all website content.

Strategically the Blog provides a communication channel for all information relating to both the industry and the business, allowing open, casual and informative content delivery that positions Lancer Beer USA and Hoshizaki Lancer as thought leaders in their industry. 

Case Studies

The benefits?  Nothing sells product and communicates an organisations expertise more than case studies.

With a FarCry CMS "custom content type" allowing easy content entry and consistent presentation, the extensive range of case studies are a feature throughout the websites, dynamically linking to key product categories to powerfully connect product, capability and market positioning.

Cohesive Offline Branding

We believe the power of our digital solutions are enhanced significantly when they cohesively integrate with offline branding.

The result?  Powerful and uniform branding across all stakeholder touch points to deliver a consistent brand message, that drives users back to the website for maximum value and deep measurement.

Resource Manager

The File Resource Manager is a purpose built resource portal allowing high level management, display and downloading of brand and asset resources, including such things as logos, high resolution marketing files, and key documentation for online access and distribution. 

Its benefits?  Its advanced file category options allow it to be inserted into multiple sections of the website, providing targeted delivery of files and resources relevant to exact needs (e.g. product images and manuals for a specific product).

Its advanced filtering and search tools make it very easy to quickly find files.

Its ability to be displayed on secure, password protected pages as well as open access pages makes it perfect for websites that double as both sales and marketing focus, as well as secure, Extranet access for company staff.

Foo Fighters

So what's this about the
Foo Fighters?

"Simply the world's best ice" isn't just a cool tagline (if we do say so ourselves!).
The Foo Fighters totally believe this, and have it listed in their 52 page "Tour 2011" production rider (as showcased on celebrity news site, The Smoking Gun).

While celebrities are generally known for making outrageous backstage demands, we're inclined to agree with the Foo Fighters' – especially in regards to ice.

Their tour production rider outlines the band's breakfast and snack preferences, as well as a page dedicated to ice cubes – rating them from "total s*** to complete ecstasy", with two of the Hoshizaki ices featuring at the "complete ecstasy" end of the scale:

This is where ice turns into fun. Found in icemakers by the manufacturer "Hoshizaki America." (The ice-pimps of the world.) A sweet and angelic ice "cereal" that stays on your tongue until you fold it in on itself. It's a lot like getting a hummer in a corvette."


"THE CHUNKLET (aka Cubelet):
This is also the lovely spawn of the Hoshizaki corporation. Drinks are extra slushy and chilled to the point of bliss. Usually found at Flying J truck stops or Tom Thumb convenience stores. We squeal like six-year-old girls with skinned knees when we see this ice!"

Nice one!

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New thinking, Real results

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