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Ed Harry

Social media strategy, online branding, eCommerce business specification and online store design + development for iconic Australian menswear brand.

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We are privileged to be working with iconic Australian menswear brand,
Ed Harry, in developing their online retail presence. 

Working collaboratively with Ed Harry management, we developed an advanced digital business solution. One that focuses on being the key online sales and marketing vehicle for Ed Harry that expertly and powerfully sells products and increases online brand presence. 

Project aims

The aim in the development of this new, premium website solution was to expertly brand and position Ed Harry to its target audiences whilst providing a premium online sales channel. We are confident it provides an outstanding user experience and information access for existing and potential customers and stakeholders.

Scalable eCommerce platform

We've produced (what we feel to be) a fantastic, scalable eCommerce site that meets key online sales principles in its easy-to-use interface, using our weapon of choice – FarCry CMS – the open-source, enterprise content management system (CMS).

Reducing shopping-cart abandonment

A key focus was to combat shopping cart abandonment - something that happens far to often globally in online sales. The result means a more user-centric design. This also contributes to higher basket sizes. Win.

Other convenient shopping options include gift cards, special offers, member registration, promo codes (for checkout) and back in stock notifications. These all allow great options to decrease the cold feet in shopping online, as well as a gentle nudge to remind someone that ‘X’ product is back in stock.

Promote Online Presence

Ed Harry wanted to strengthen its existing presence using both online and offline marketing initiatives, particularly those that relate back to increasing organic search engine ranking. Utilising tools such as Google Analytics and FarCry CMS reporting tools (eDM campaigns) and also partnering those with any social media platform data, we will continue to gain informed decisions on how to optimise website UI and content. This is an ongoing process which we get rather excited about.

Create Customer Confidence

Online security within an eCommerce site is not just a ‘must have’, its expected. A clear and obvious presence of business practices (including privacy, security and return policies) in order to instill confidence and trust in customers by prominently displaying clear policies, trust certificates, security badges and contact information.

Additional courtesies including highlighting security on secure areas of the website to remind customers that their information is safe are also essential. These tactics create a professional-looking website that speaks about your brand values and expertise, and make a good first impression.

Enhance Product Find-ability

Browsing (and more importantly, shopping) online should not be a chore. It should almost feel intuitive to start browsing. The design had to enable customers to quickly find and discover products by offering robust search and navigation. We don’t always take a linear path when visiting a website. Hey – we are humans, not robots. But it should be as easy as being a robot to shop online. To do this we have made viewing products easier – with all relevant products listed during the browsing process. It’s like a path of self discovery, yet totally intuitive.


Essentially, we have produced (what we feel to be) a fantastic, scalable eCommerce site that meets key online sales principles in its easy-to-use interface.  We are pretty chuffed with the result.

Check out the feature functionality and user experiences we designed...

Quick Buy Ed Harry

Quick Buy functionality

A cool feature to simplify the shopping process is the ‘Quick Buy’ functionality – allowing for the user to select their desired colour, size and quantity and add to bag immediately without having to navigate to the product details page itself streamlining the shopping process.

Available dynamically on every product category Index screen, it ensures a great user experience with a focus on quick, easy transactions.


Gift Cards

Know that a garment from Ed Harry is the perfect gift, but not sure what to but? No problem - purchase a gift card!

Multiple cards of varying amounts can be purchased in one transaction if desired and there is no need to register the voucher in store. Easy.

Also easy from the business user perspective. The Gift Cards can be set-up via the online store administration console at various denominations, all editable in the CMS. 



Assisting in customer decision making...
When purchasing online everything needs to be clear and straight-forward – far too often online shopping becomes too complicated. So we designed a simple, yet most concise and honest approach to displaying products and content.

A cool feature, as specified by Ed Harry, is the ‘Collections’ feature. A unique feature, this functionality showcases complete outfits that a user can purchase with one click. The user can either select or deselect depending on the items they wish to include from the collection, ensuring complete flexibility and control. Again, user-centric.

It's also an easy feature to update from the back end for Ed Harry too. Depending on current product range and season, the pre packaged outfits take the guess work out of styling and coordinating but still allow customer complete control on which pieces they wish to purchase.


Back in Stock Notifications

Popular products often sell out - it's a fact of life. We dont want customers to miss out though on these great products, hence the 'Back in Stock Notification' functionality.

This function allows users to input an email address on an out of stock item and then be notified automatically when the product becomes available again. Win.

Another win is that this option elevates the Ed Harry sales team from responding to direct email requests for out of stock products as this functionality is dynamically managed within the FarCry CMS. Easy.


Quick View of the Shopping Bag

Helping reduce shopping-cart abandonment...
Cold feet whilst shopping online? Common. But allowing a constantly visible shopping cart, and display a summary of items in the cart will keep the check-out just one click away.

There is also a quick view of the shopping cart, as to allow users to browse the store and not jump back and forth between product pages and the cart. Easy as.

The shopping bag quick view menu bar sits at the top and bottom of the screen at all times and provides users a fast and simple way of viewing the contents of their shopping bag at any stage of the shopping process. Upon adding an item to the bag the quick view drop down will signify the product has been successfully added and display the item details, a summary cart price and recommended items.


Special Offers

Ed Harry are able to create special offers on products easily within the FarCry CMS, including bundled items and product packs based on the percentage of product being purchased.

To assist with this process, we designed promotional templates that easily allow Ed Harry to display and promote feature special items in the online store using a flexible and cohesive brand design.


Flexible shopping experience within product & category lines

Ed Harry produce a range of product lines from suit separates and denim to tees and shirts.

Across these lines subsequent brands are represented and users are able to shop both via product category and by brand name to filter their search.


Promotional Codes

This functionality gives users the ability to enter a promotional code upon checkout to receive great discounts on their purchase.

Ed Harry staff can easily manage these codes in the FarCry CMS, including date range, discount amount and product types/categories covered in the promotion, giving Ed Harry full flexibility in managing the discounts available.


Express Checkout

Streamlining the checkout process...
Cutting the clutter and displaying relevant recommendations, a progress indicator, an order summary and confirmation are just some of the processes we designed the streamline the checkout process. It should be as easy as possible to glide through the purchase process. 

A key facet of this approach is keeping the registration process short and optional. Forcing registration is one of the main reasons why users don’t complete purchases – so there is also an option for express checkout as a guest, should the user not wish to sign up.  Simple, yet effective.

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