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Aussie BBQ Legends

Social media marketing campaign promoting Beerenberg Farm’s
sauce range through proudly celebrating Australian lifestyle and the esteem placed on the people that hold, celebrate and participate in
the joy of the barbeque.

Aussie BBQ Legends logo

Campaign Branding and Microsite

To communicate the Aussie BBQ legends concept we first developed the campaign branding, which focused on the classic Australian outdoors and a 5-Star badge logo that was approachable, distinct and fun-loving in its nature.

The campaign microsite was developed to house the campaign and drive the engagement.  A microsite was chosen over the Beerenberg website to allow different brand messages and aim to attract a specific target audience, that whilst closely aligned to Beerenberg's core audience, has unique characteristics.

National Competition

The campaign was run nationally - for a 3 month period over summer - specifically targeting new customers on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Grand Prize

Weekly winners for 6 different content categories were selected by the public vote, each winning a 6 pack of Beerenberg hero sauces as well as an Aussie BBQ Legend t-shirt and cap.

The National Winner was selected by Beerenberg from all of the weekly winners, and was awarded an extreme BBQ package worth in excess of $5,000.

Social Media Channels

The campaign was completely driven through digital and social media channels, focusing on Facebook, Twitter and eMail Direct Marketing.

Paid advertising was also used, utilising Google Adwords and facebook advertising to target key stakeholder groups.

Campaign positioning statements

We developed key campaign positioning statements to enhance the brand messaging and connect with stakeholders.

User Generated Content

One of the key reasons that made the campaign so compelling was the focus on user-generated content.

With 6 key content areas open to the public, entries were produced Australia wide, all focusing on the Australian's love of the BBQ from a fun-loving perspective.  
#unique  #authentic  #engaging

Social Sharing

To further enhance the viral reach of the content and brand messaging, Social Sharing mechanisms were integrated throughpout the microsite allowing users to easily share content through their own social media accounts, pushing the reach of the campaign to the hundreds of thousands.

User Engagement

User engagement was further enhanced by strong Commenting, Liking and Share capabilties for each content entry.

This built a community feel for all content, with robust debate and content threads evolving between stakeholders and campaign managers (us!).

Weekly Giveaways

The weekly give-aways were presented to the user voted weekly winners of the 6 different content categories, each winning a 6 pack of Beerenberg hero sauces as well as an Aussie BBQ Legend t-shirt and cap.

The uniqueness of the clothing prizes was focused on making the winner steel unique and special, specifically though the branding of "I'm an Aussie BBQ Legend".

The use of Beerenberg product was utilised to allow people in the demographic region to taste Beerenberg product - as we knew they'd become advocates immediately after tasting.

BBQ Sauce - 6 Pack

The Beerenberg 6-pack was designed to resemble the classic beer 6-pack so popular at BBQ's, yet branded to reflect Beerenberg and housing 6 of its hero campaign sauces - or as we like to say...
"The sauce of all barbecue greatness".

Retail Integration

To further promote the campaign directly at the consumer in the retail environment, neck-tags were designed and placed on all Beeerenberg product throughoput the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The neck-tag design included a unique URL to track and measure visitation to the campaign site directly from this marketing item.

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